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Under the current tax credits legislation, a new claim for tax credits can be backdated up to 31 days before the day it is received by if the claimant would have qualified for tax credits during the period of backdating.

Prior to 6 April 2012 claimants could have their claim backdated by up to 93 days, again providing they qualified for tax credits during that period of backdating.

Refer to for more information. A sub-section of Medical Expenses which may include hiring a nanny for your child.

If so, you can now claim up to ,000 per child eligible for the DTC. Refer to for more information. The Family Caregiver Amount (FCA) can be back dated to 2012 (the inception of the credit) or the effective date of the DTC, whichever is later.

Of course, as readers of my website, you obviously consulted my T2201 guide and ensured that birth was the effective date of the disability. If you were unaware of this, you can certainly re-apply for the DTC with updated information using the form T2201.

Once the DTC eligibility is in hand, many of the tax credits can be back dated to the effective date of the disability, but in most cases, you have to ask for it.

All those years of tutoring or therapy can now be claimed. It’s a simple one page form with no calculations required.

Make sure you include receipts and invoices to back this up.

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